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10 things you’ve been doing this wrong your whole life

by John

We all have habits that we’ve developed over the years, but sometimes those habits may not be the most efficient or effective way of doing things. Here are ten things you’ve probably been doing wrong your whole life.

  1. Peeling bananas. Most people peel bananas from the stem, but the correct way to peel a banana is actually from the bottom. Simply pinch the bottom of the banana and it will easily peel open.
  2. Putting on earbuds. Many people put on earbuds by pulling on the cord, but this can damage the earbuds over time. Instead, hold the earbuds between your fingers and gently insert them into your ears.
  3. Brushing your teeth. Most people brush their teeth by moving the brush back and forth, but the correct way to brush your teeth is actually in circular motions. This helps to remove more plaque and bacteria from your teeth.
  4. Holding a pen. Many people hold a pen with a tight grip, but this can lead to hand cramps and fatigue. The correct way to hold a pen is with a loose grip, allowing the pen to glide across the page.
  5. Folding clothes. When folding clothes, many people fold them in half and then in half again. However, this can lead to wrinkled clothes. Instead, fold clothes into thirds, which creates fewer wrinkles.
  6. Opening a soda can. Most people open a soda can by pulling the tab back, but the correct way to open a soda can is by turning the tab to the side and then lifting it up. This prevents soda from spilling out and creates a smoother opening.
  7. Cutting food. When cutting food, most people hold the knife with their fingers wrapped around the handle. However, the correct way to hold a knife is with your thumb and index finger on either side of the blade, providing better control.
  8. Typing. Many people type with their wrists resting on the keyboard, but this can lead to carpal tunnel syndrome. The correct way to type is with your wrists elevated and your fingers curved over the keys.
  9. Sleeping. Most people sleep on their stomachs or backs, but the best way to sleep is actually on your side. This helps to reduce snoring and can also prevent acid reflux.
  10. Washing your face. Many people wash their face with hot water, but this can actually damage the skin. The correct way to wash your face is with lukewarm water, which is less harsh on the skin.

In conclusion, there are many habits we’ve developed over the years that may not be the most efficient or effective way of doing things. By making small changes to these habits, we can improve our daily routines and make life a little bit easier.

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