Mother in law stories

by Alex

1. “My mother-in-law, while not inherently bad, possesses an incredibly curious nature. She takes great pleasure in assisting with household chores such as laundry and cleaning. At first glance, this might seem like a kind gesture. However, her approach to tidying up extends beyond the usual boundaries of privacy. She delves into every nook and cranny, leaving no drawer unexplored, including those containing my personal items such as socks, underwear, and bras. She takes it upon herself to fold everything meticulously, whereas I tend to adopt a more haphazard approach.

Furthermore, she ventures into my walk-in closet, organizing my clothing according to color. On one occasion, I casually mentioned in the kitchen that I planned to wear a particular purple sweater coverall. Much to my surprise, she responded by questioning its existence, stating that I did not possess any purple coveralls. This left me bewildered and slightly frustrated. Who would have thought that such meticulous scrutiny extended to the point of remembering my entire wardrobe?

Perhaps the most distressing incident involved her thorough inspection of my suitcases, where I store personal items in my closet. It was a disheartening moment when I discovered that she had meticulously repackaged everything, returning it to its original packaging. The invasion of my privacy in such an intimate space left me feeling vulnerable and embarrassed. It never occurred to me to lock the suitcases, as I had never expected anyone, let alone a family member, to delve into such personal belongings.

It is important to note that my mother-in-law does not reside with us permanently; rather, she visits for extended periods during the summer, winter, fall, and spring. While her actions may stem from a well-intentioned desire to assist, it is essential to establish clear boundaries to protect one’s personal space and maintain a sense of privacy within the home.”

2. “My future mother-in-law, who holds strong Catholic beliefs, has expressed certain viewpoints that I find challenging to navigate:

She believes that my decision to build my career in a town located two hours away from where we will be living after marriage is indicative of my inability to fulfill the roles of a good mother and wife.

According to her strict interpretation of Catholic doctrine, engaging in sexual activity solely for the purpose of procreation is the only acceptable approach within a marital relationship. Therefore, if we don’t immediately begin having sex with the intention of conceiving a child right after our wedding, she considers it a sinful act.

In the event that we don’t meet her expectation of having a child within nine months of our marriage and I were to fabricate a lie about my fertility, she threatens to deem our marriage invalid and insists that we consult our local priest.

Additionally, she holds the belief that consuming alcohol is a sinful act that condemns me to eternal damnation.

On a lighter note, an amusing incident occurred when she unexpectedly stumbled upon a rather unconventional item in the freezer belonging to my fiancé’s roommate. Upon opening the freezer door, she was confronted with the sight of a 12″ dildo. Momentarily taken aback, she swiftly closed the door, paused briefly, closed her eyes, and silently engaged in prayer before walking away.

These encounters with my soon-to-be mother-in-law, shaped by her devout Catholic upbringing, serve as a reminder of the differing perspectives and challenges that arise when merging different belief systems within a family.”

3.”Around two weeks before I discovered I was expecting our first child, my mother-in-law made a distressing phone call to my significant other that lasted for over three hours. During the call, she unleashed a torrent of emotional outbursts, alternating between screaming and crying. She expressed her deep despair, claiming that she wanted to end her own life. She lamented the hardships she had faced, regretting not having chosen abortion in the past, as she believed that having children had ruined her life. She professed feelings of loneliness and believed that nobody loved her. Her desperate words included declarations that no one would care if she died.

Around six months later, she unexpectedly learned about our pregnancy through a third party who had informed her. This revelation triggered another round of distressing phone calls. She called in a state of hysteria, once again making threats of suicide. In the midst of her emotional turmoil, she expressed a contradictory desire for a baby herself, questioning how peculiar it would be if she also became pregnant. These phone calls extended for two to three hours each time, further adding to the emotional strain.

It is difficult for me to conceal the deep resentment I feel toward my mother-in-law due to these distressing episodes.”

4. “My mother-in-law is a well-intentioned person, but she often fails to grasp why her behavior can be awkward for others. During a visit to a restaurant with her, my wife, and our three-week-old baby girl, an incident occurred that perfectly exemplifies this. Since we live far away, it was the first time my mother-in-law had the chance to meet her new granddaughter. As we were being seated, she spotted some acquaintances from her church—a friend and her husband—and engaged in conversation with them while we settled down at our table.

Later on, when my wife decided to breastfeed our daughter and used a cover for privacy, my mother-in-law’s friends approached us to bid farewell. However, instead of simply saying goodbye, my mother-in-law took it upon herself to invite her friend to peek under the cover to catch a glimpse of the baby. She genuinely believed there was nothing inappropriate about it, reasoning that her friend had likely seen such things before. This incident is not an isolated incident; it’s characteristic of my mother-in-law’s behavior. Over time, I have grown accustomed to finding her actions more amusing than bothersome.

On a side note unrelated to my mother-in-law, during a conversation with my father-in-law about potential military assignments, he casually mentioned that my wife was conceived in a particular state, as if it held some significance for the family.”

5. “My mother-in-law, known for her perfectionist tendencies, offered to lend a hand and assist us after our wedding. However, her well-intentioned help ended up crossing boundaries and causing significant distress. Alongside my father-in-law, she took it upon herself to open every single wedding present my husband and I received. In the process, they discarded all the packaging, leaving us unable to return or exchange any items. Not only that, but they proceeded to reorganize our entire kitchen, which left me feeling violated and overwhelmed.

It happened on the day after our wedding, just as my husband and I were leaving for an overnight flight to Italy. When my mother-in-law called to ask how she could be of assistance, we mentioned that we had been putting off the task of replacing our old plates, bowls, and toaster with the new ones we received as wedding gifts. Little did we know that she would take it upon herself to open every gift, disposing of all the boxes in the process. As a result, I now find myself unable to return or exchange anything.

Moreover, her reorganization of the kitchen has left me feeling disoriented. For example, she placed my new lazy Susan underneath the existing one on my counter, unbeknownst to me for a couple of weeks. The lack of familiarity in my own kitchen has dampened my joy for cooking, a passion that once brought me solace and excitement. I now feel a sense of frustration and despair whenever I step into the space that was once my sanctuary. Trying to locate items has become a laborious process, often resulting in the discovery that something important to me has been moved or discarded.

This situation has left me feeling like all the toothpaste has been squeezed out of the tube, and I’m left trying to figure out how to put it back in. Even the task of writing thank-you notes, which should be a joyful expression of gratitude, has become a painful and daunting endeavor in the face of this overwhelming situation.

As someone who is typically positive and optimistic, I find myself sinking into a state of depression that I haven’t experienced in years. It’s difficult to see a way out of this situation, as my once safe and comforting space has been disrupted and taken away from me. I’m at a loss as to how to rectify the situation and restore the sense of tranquility that I once had in my own home.”

6. “Due to certain circumstances, my mother-in-law had to move in with my husband and me for a temporary period. As someone of South Asian descent, I have always cherished the food from my culture and continue to enjoy it to this day. With the stay-at-home orders in place, I found myself with more time to cook, so I stocked my kitchen with rice, spices, and other ingredients necessary for preparing the dishes I love.

While my husband has no qualms and actually enjoys the food I make, my mother-in-law holds a different opinion. She has never been fond of me, and her comments reflect this sentiment. She would often say things like, “What kind of people use their hands to eat? Just use a knife and spoon like normal people.” My husband has always stood up for me during such occasions, but living with her constantly is wearing him down.

Once she moved in, the complaints began immediately. She would say things like, “Why does that smell so strong? It’ll cling to the walls. Stop that,” or “God, are you really feeding my son that crap? Just eat normal American food.” Understanding that the quarantine has been challenging for everyone, I chose to remain silent and endure the remarks. My husband did attempt to talk to her about it once, but his efforts fell on deaf ears, as they often do.

Yesterday morning, I woke up and went downstairs to chat with my husband and mother-in-law. When I entered the kitchen and opened my pantry, I was shocked to find it empty. My rice, spices, flour—all gone. Even the rice dispensing machine I had acquired a few years back was missing. Perplexed, I checked the fridge, only to find it stocked with just milk, bread, butter, jam, and eggs. I called my husband and inquired about what had happened to the food. He appeared just as confused until my mother-in-law spoke up and nonchalantly mentioned that she had thrown everything out. When we asked her why, she simply replied, “My child isn’t accustomed to eating your types of food. Just make him what Americans eat.” That statement infuriated me to no end.

She has this irrational fixation on not acknowledging my American identity. When she does acknowledge it, she often tells people that I obtained my citizenship solely through marriage, which is far from the truth. In reality, I was born here, as were the last four generations of my family. I’m the one who goes grocery shopping, and when I recently encountered empty shelves due to stock shortages, she had the audacity to question why I wasn’t cooking as usual.

This situation has been challenging and frustrating, as her behavior undermines my cultural background and disregards my identity as an American.”

7. “Currently, I am facing numerous challenges, including dealing with my mother-in-law (MIL), on top of fighting cancer for the second time in my life. After undergoing surgery, I am now starting chemotherapy. Fortunately, the doctors have opted for oral chemo, allowing me to take it at home and only visit the hospital for necessary tests and scans every few weeks. Given my weakened state, this approach is a great relief since I lack the strength to go to the hospital daily. I am currently on sick leave from work, and although I try to contribute as much as possible, my wife has been incredibly supportive, understanding that my primary obligation is to focus on my health and well-being.

The other day, my MIL came over for a visit, fully aware of my diagnosis. I was resting on the couch, engrossed in a book, while my wife tended to some household tasks. Suddenly, my MIL approached me and exclaimed, “Look at that! Lying on the couch as if you’re on the beach! Aren’t you ashamed of yourself? A grown man lounging around while your poor wife slaves away!”

In response, I mustered the strength to explain, “I just had chemo, and I’m experiencing a headache and nausea. I don’t feel well.”

Disregarding my explanation, she retorted, “A young man like you should be able to conquer some silly cancer! You can’t cure yourself with those chemicals! Only natural products will help!”

Later that day, I unintentionally overheard a conversation between my wife and MIL in the kitchen. Despite not intending to eavesdrop, their discussion reached my ears. MIL proclaimed, “You really shouldn’t let him take that poison. It’s killing him, and that’s why he feels so terrible. Doctors nowadays are utterly foolish. You should explore herbal treatments instead!” Knowing that MIL lacked any medical education and was merely attempting to assert her misguided opinions, my wife promptly shut her down, insisting she refrain from commenting on matters she knew nothing about.

The following day, as I prepared to take my scheduled dose of chemo, I realized that the bottles were nowhere to be found in the bathroom cabinet. They had completely disappeared. I asked my wife if she had moved them, but she confirmed that she hadn’t. Suddenly, my wife recalled that MIL had requested to use the bathroom before leaving our house the previous day. It dawned on us that she may have taken the chemo bottles with her, fueled by her belief in the toxicity of the treatment.

My wife transformed into a furious dragon, her anger palpable as she quickly got dressed and stormed out to confront MIL. I had never seen her so enraged before. She returned about half an hour later, informing me that she had demanded my medication back from MIL, who confessed to taking my chemo and discarding it once she left our house.

MIL genuinely believed that she had done me a favor. She exclaimed, “Can’t you see he’s dying? Can’t you see how frail he has become? It’s not the cancer that’s killing him, it’s those pills! I got rid of them. I saved your husband, and this is how you thank me? Perhaps you should buy him some herbal teas instead!”

Due to MIL’s actions, I missed a crucial dose of chemotherapy, which was extremely detrimental to my treatment. I had to consult my oncologist immediately. When I explained the situation, my doctor was astonished, finding it absurd that someone would steal another person’s chemo.

He promptly prescribed new bottles and provided a revised schedule for taking the medication. I now store it in a locked cabinet. Although my wife swore that MIL would never step foot in our house again, I trust her commitment to ensuring my well-being.”

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