Steve Harvey’s Story from Rags to Riches- Homeless for Three Years and Living Out of His Car Before Making Millions

by Alex

Steven harvey 

“The Dream Is Free. The Hustle is Sold Separately.” is the most accurate way to sum up Steve Harvey, in his own words. Steve Harvey is a well-known television host. This is very much a rags-to-riches tale. is well-known for being an American businessman who hosts television shows, but not everything was always the same for him.

A carpet cleaner, an insurance agent, a mail carrier, and an auto worker were a few of the odd jobs he worked to support himself. The personification of perseverance and inspiration is Steve Harvey. He managed to live in his car while being homeless for a very long period. Steve Harvey has been enjoying the life of his dreams.

When he is vocal about his dream he is marked and ridiculed by his teacher and his peers. How are you instead of being let down by the opinions of people hit on this as a challenge to prove them wrong and make it big.

In fact, before ‘making it”, Steve Harvey spent years bouncing from job to job.At the age of 27 Steve Harvey took upon himself to fulfill his dream when things got really difficult. He was determined to pursue a career in comedy and lived in his Ford car. The following three years headed small comedy kids at local bars and restaurants. He carved a path that would break his way into show business. 

They say luck favours the brave and that’s exactly what happened to Steve Harvey. He happened to receive a call from Apollo comedy club and he managed to seize the opportunity. With about $35 in his pocket Stephen Harvey felt  closer to his dream but also too far from achieving it. He needed a  total of $300 to fly to New York. He had  to attend Apollo comedy on a Sunday and he performed  gigs previously and pulled that money to be there at the Apollo comedy. He had absolutely no means to fly down however he made and made and showed up there. 

After making his television debut on the Apollo Comedy Club, which put him precisely where he wanted to be, Steve Harvey never looked back. The same evening, he had his first encounters with Jamie Foxx, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, and D.L. Hughley. His account of how he got to be the host of Apollo. This was the turning point for him.

Even though he wasn’t on television, he managed to establish himself as the king of humour and his programme was shown at prime time.

He became well-known through his roles in movies, television shows, his own television programme, and the wildly popular game show Family Feud, which he hosted.

Harvey worked in the entertainment industry for a very long time and with great success. And starting in 2017, he has successfully run a variety of businesses under the moniker Steve Harvey Global.

Remember that despite Steve Harvey’s success on the big screen and his wealth accumulation, he still had to work hard to get there. Harvey put a lot of effort into achieving the success he now has and was able to do so because he had a success-oriented mindset.

Steve Harvey has also demonstrated a tremendous devotion to his career. During the conversation, he stated how he constantly has something going on in terms of money-making activities (i.e. shows, events, movies, and other business activities). He makes it a point to keep himself active, never going without a job or a show to work on, since he never wants to be homeless again. In summary, his success may be due to a strong work ethic.

Finally, Steve Harvey credits much of his success to faith. Harvey is a Godly guy who believes that if he hadn’t read and believed in a few Bible chapters, specifically Proverbs, he would not have had the faith required to reach the pinnacle of achievement.

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